That is probably one of the questions we ask ourselves so many times in our life, what does it mean? (How do I fit in?) Jennifer_Burke_Payment_Princess_Blogger

As I went through my childhood, I can remember coming into school on the first day, and I would ask myself how do I fit in?

Usually, I would find my way or bounce through the different cliques fitting in just a little everywhere… So the question would linger do I fit in? While I was searching for that perfect fit, I never actually found it. Instead, I would see a part of myself in someone else and cling to the sense of “I belong”. Seeking acceptance for a piece of who I am instead of knowing I should be loved for 100% who I am, and I settled for that.

Now donʼt get me wrong, I had “friends” and I generally got along with most people. I was the friend that said yes, even when it meant putting their needs ahead of my own. I was the definition of a people pleaser. However, as an adolescent, you are not always aware of the habits you create. Because fitting in is what we are conditioned to do, not on purpose but it happens.

So tonight, instead of me asking myself how do I fit in? The words were said to me “ we have to see how you fit in here”… I knew the answer, but instead of speaking up I was silent with my thoughts. I couldnʼt breathe, all I could do was hold back the tears of so many years of asking myself that very question. Because this time it wasnʼt; about the girls in school who were prettier than me, or the multitude of other things I would worry about…

This time I knew that not fitting in is exactly what I wanted. This time saying yes without exception isnʼt an option, this time I canʼt fit in, everything inside me is saying stand up for you, love your dreams, and do not compromise who you are.

These are the times I would normally be terrified, but I am no longer asking myself how do I fit in here, but instead I am saying if I donʼt, I will be ok, the brave side of me is here saying NO, it’s your turn to do you and the people that are here with me, they will be my people, these will be the people I do life with.


Sometimes along our paths, we stumble and we fall.  When we are young we look to those that are older and wiser for guidance on how to help handle lifeʼs spills.  As we grow we stop reaching for help and the inner ego kicks into high gear that we can do it all, and we can do it OUR way.

As life often does we are humbled by the highs and lows of our lives and the lessons we learn. I can honestly say in my lifetime I have learned my share of hard lessons, each one pushing me into a greater understanding of who I am and who I want to be.

This is part of the journey that helps me grow. I heard a story once about how a lobster sheds its shell and how each time they would break out of their shells they would be bigger and stronger. In order to actually break the shell, the lobster had to get uncomfortable enough to start the process.

Remember the only thing that is constant is change, without change we wouldnʼt grow into what God has planned for us.

The bad always seem to outweigh the good on the surface of change, but deep within the message will speak to those who listen.

Passion by itself is of little value (like having a car without a steering wheel) but Passion with Purpose, it has many benefits. It is what drives us in all we do!

Passion with purpose to us is…

Inspiring. You’ll find inspiration everywhere rather than desperately searching for it “out there.”

It is also, invigorating. Your alarm clock becomes your achievement clock. You look forward to its sound and will usually be up before it goes off. You will be waking up invigorated to get to the important work you believe in started.

Passion quoteMost importantly it initiates. Passion with purpose fuels you like a natural Redbull. It overcomes the resistance of procrastination and enables you to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Sustains. Difficulties become stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. Passion keeps you going after others give up.

Comforts. Passion reminds you that you did your best and brings you to a comfort zone instead of a stressful one.

Completes. Because you only begin that which is worthwhile. With purposeful passion, you’ll be in a consistent state of cup 1/2 full mentality.

Because of this Passion with Purpose also enhances: It expands the possibilities, benefits, and value of the work being done.

Passion with Purpose wrap up

Finally, it is our hope this has inspired you to not only seek out passions but passions with a purpose! For more inspiration read our blog on ‘Being Enough‘.

Here at The Payment Princess, we long to share and have our passions expressed in every language in a way that unlocks the deepest passions in the hearts of all our connections. The goal of our work is to trigger inside every reader an overwhelming response to the truth of our individual passions, unfolding the deep mysteries of life and business in the universal language of the heart.

If you are hungry for passion in life and want to know how to develop passion with purpose, make sure you follow us as we will help you discover what we have found by sharing with you our journey.

Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the altar and wait for your fire to fall upon my heart. –Psalm 5:3

About a week ago I had this thought that pounded in my head, You Are Enough! So what did I do? I did what any red-blooded Payment Princess would do I made a video about comparisons being the killer of dreams.  After making it I had a brief moment of bravery and posted it on Facebook!  This brief moment of bravery came because I needed my rant to be heard. I really needed it validated and I didn’t have anybody to call at the moment. You know what I am talking about sometimes we all have something inside us that really needs to get out.

So, I figured who better to rant to then my favorite Facebook family. And that’s what happened.  I quickly started receiving some messages. This video was speaking to my tribe and the feedback was how it helped them, it was what they needed to hear, and y’all, it just made me realize something.

You just have to do you and be 100% ok with that.

I am not saying it’s easy. But every time you see your competitors nipping at your heals or someone is living their best life all over social media and you think that should be you!!!

Stop the comparison and remember you are enough and you are here on this earth for a reason and it is not someone’s path it is your own!

Just remember that you are doing ENOUGH of what you need to do to make your best life come true.

I know that I have people that see my actions and want to “do life” with me, guess what, they’re doing life with me even if they don’t know it. But isn’t that wonderful that no matter what the competition is doing in business or in life that when you are your authentic self the people that are supposed to be in your corner will be NO MATTER WHAT!

So who cares if the competition gets three accounts this week? Who cares that they get five new customers next week? This is when I have to just say to myself I still have my people that love me!  My tribe IS going to help encourage me and as a result, help my business grow.  I am who I am and these people love me for that. Thank God!

What a sense of freedom this brings! What a blessing to know that I get to do life on my terms with my circle, my tribe, my business partners, and yes, my beautiful family.  We all need to take a moment to be genuinely thankful they are here every day telling me us we can’t give up, letting us share, and receive inspiration to keep “being our best selves”!

Our community has more walls than bridges.  We know that everyone is just trying to make a living and get along the best we know how. So think about this, sometimes the best you know how isn’t the same as someone else’s best. We are all different. How boring would life be if we were all the same?

One of my dearest friends said it best,

I do not expect others to have my drive.
I’M on a path of my own choosing and making.
What’s right for me isn’t always possible for others. 
We can still be great friends! ~Kristi Kirkland

I guarantee if you’re up every day, and you’re striving to be a better version, even when you slip you are still better off than you were the day before! Guess what? That is enough!  Just keep doing that, keep doing YOU, everyday just take a step forward even if it is one step.

Thank you, for visiting my page and sharing in my thoughts, it is my hope that my words resonated with you and helped you find an inner peace we all need and deserve.

The Payment Princess HeadshotJennifer Burke aka The Payment Princess