I was asked today how do you generate leads that actually get you to the owner of the business?
I said go find where business owners meet, I would start with your chamber of commerce. It’s my fav.  Not sure what to do? It is not about lead generation it is about relationship building!

Here are a few tips on my favorite way to meet business owners.

1. Go find your chamber of commerce.
2. Do not try to sell them our services, you are here for their help.
3. Ask them what services they offer to businesses that join; do they have weekly events, meetings, business leads groups, or after hours. Find out if there are any events or networking groups you could visit as a guest. #chambersluvthat
4. Take a new member packet and check out the wall of business cards, they always have a display of the chamber members marketing information/business cards and encourage you to take some of it. This is a quick way to get to know your community. Doing this small task usually takes no more than 30 minutes plus drive time. If you are too shy or do not feel like you are ready for that …it’s ok, most chambers of commerce have websites with all of this information on it.
5. Spend a few minutes each day working your new leads. This will mean different things for different people if you need guidance just reach out and ask for it. Get your ACTION plan in place.

The Purpose of a Business is to Create a Customer Who Creates Customers!

6. Who do you want to start with first (just pick a card), keep it simple. Spend a couple of minutes learning about that business0 (google) and see if there are any business close by that you can call on while in the area. Write down those names (repeat google search).
Think of this as your prep time, this is your minute to prepare for your meeting. Now go see what you can learn about each other.
7. These are a few things I do to help me learn more about their biz: I find them on social media and interact on their page, check out their website, or maybe a quick google search. I gather a few industry facts as it relates to their business (thank you google) it helps me connect with the business. I go introduce myself and let them know I heard about them through the chamber. Most people are pretty receptive to this.
I have had really great success with meeting business owners that were tough to get in front of at these events, they are there to talk business so it’s a more casual way to do it, after a day or so depending on the connection I follow up with a visit, an email or connect on social media. (Keep your feed clean)


This is just one way to generate new prospects and a process I have included in my weekly schedule for years. Over time I built relationships with these business owners and they have come to rely on me as a resource. This is all because of relationships. Relationships are the only way we form strong business! #paymentprincess  #passiononpurpose

I’m so stuck on this quote! #customerscreatecustomers

Jennifer Burke aka The Payment Princess