Welcome to my page of connections, affiliates, and my favorite things. You will find a collection of software, apps, programs, and business tools I use and recommend! 


Starting with one of my most recent favorites the Otter app. This nifty app helps me tremendously by taking notes and transcribing audio for me. How many times do you find yourself going down the road and a great idea for a blog or an idea or fifty pop in your head? We cannot always pull over the side of the road and write it all down but if we do not make note of it right then we are sure to forget it.

Get Otter with 1-month FREE Premium Pass by clicking on the picture to the left!!


My next favorite is well a MAC app as I am a Mac-Girl! If you are needing the next level of text messenger the AutoSender Pro is what you are looking for!  You can schedule the birthday or festival greetings all-in-once, and then turn off your device. The tasks will be handled by their system and greetings will be dispatched at the right time automatically.

Normally marketing campaigns are time-limited. Salespeople can use the app as a personal CRM tool to automate the mass texting of coupons or marketing msgs to keep/improve the customer relationship. The AutoSender app has this and so much more potential! For more information and to download the app click on the picture to the right.