How do I fit in?


That is probably one of the questions we ask ourselves so many times in our life, what does it mean? (How do I fit in?) As I went through my childhood, I can remember coming into school on the first day, and I would ask myself how do I fit in? Usually, I would find […]

Change is Constant

#PassionOnPurpose Sometimes along our paths, we stumble and we fall.  When we are young we look to those that are older and wiser for guidance on how to help handle lifeʼs spills.  As we grow we stop reaching for help and the inner ego kicks into high gear that we can do it all, and […]

Lead Generation or Relationship Building

I was asked today how do you generate leads that actually get you to the owner of the business? I said go find where business owners meet, I would start with your chamber of commerce. It’s my fav.  Not sure what to do? It is not about lead generation it is about relationship building! Here […]