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Why Payment Princess?

Hi! I’m Jennifer Burke, the Payment Princess. I just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and let you know why you should contact me if you accept – or plan to accept – credit cards for your business.

It’s not because of all the benefits offered by typical payment processing agents… “I can save you money! I can get you new equipment! I have the best of everything!” This is the pitch of the typical agent… but I am not your typical agent!

The reason you should contact me is that I will learn enough about your business to make sure that the system you have is the right one for YOU… not me!

That is my promise to you. Even if I have to refer you away. Even if I have to send you to my competitor or tell you to stay where you’re at. I’m going to do what’s in your best interest.

I build relationships with my customers and have their best interest at heart because I want to see small business grow in our community and across our country!

I’m a small business advocate and owner myself, and I love it! I’m very fortunate to work with my husband and have the flexibility to schedule family time such as attending my children’s sporting events. While we all know as small business owners we “work all the time,” and that’s very true, it is my goal to help my clients improve their payment processes so that you can spend more time with your own family!

So please call me to discuss your business needs!  850-596-5184

Have a Great Day!